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Sure, it gets a little too cold here and allergy issues are out of control, but living in or near Louisville, Kentucky is awesome!  Other places like Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles are also amazing places to live, but Louisville does it BETTER and here’s why:






We are “Northerners” to our Southern neighbors and “Southerners” to our Northern neighbors.  That puts us right in the mix of the best of both worlds! Need a get away from your fine city for a weekend?  Head North and you may find yourself in Chicago for the weekend. Head South and you will find yourself in Memphis immersed in the best BBQ and Blues music on the planet.  And nobody does it better than Nashville for Country music.

With so much to talk about in our city, let’s focus on restaurants.  For upcoming DERBY plans – or any time for that matter – turn to The Food Network for recommendations in Louisville for amazing restaurants at every price-point.  Here’s a few to consider if you haven’t already:

SUPER CHEFS 1702 Bardstown Road – There’s usually a line for breakfast/brunch.  Unbelievable pancakes, omelets and sandwiches. Go hungry.

HAMMERHEADS  921 Swan Street – Best hole-in-the-wall restaurant.  It is in the basement of a house. Try the brisket or duck tacos.  You’ll thank me.

BUTCHERTOWN GROCERY  1076 East Washington Street – Amazing menu for breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner.  Also try Lola upstairs for a bite/cocktail in a comfortable setting.

PORCH KITCHEN AND BAR  280 West Jefferson Street (inside the Marriott) – Great menu – you might want to start with the Sticky Brussel Sprouts.  NOTE: Ask to be seated away from the walkway that leads into the Marriott. There can be a LOT of loud foot traffic with people coming to/from the hotel.  

Now that the weather is changing it’s time to get out and explore what’s new (or old) in Louisville!  With an abundance of fantastic and nationally-recognized restaurants here you can’t go wrong. When you lease with  Summit Executive Suites you can share your experiences and reviews with your SES neighbors.   Summit Executive Suites wishes everyone a great 2019 Derby!

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