Virtual Office Services for Wealth Management Professionals

How Virtual Office Services Make Sense for Today’s Wealth Management Professionals

office for financial servicesIn today’s fast paced environment many people just do not have the time for a face to face meeting.  For a new generation of tech-savvy twenty and thirty-somethings, many would rather chat online with their financial advisors than physically meet in an office.  They are not concerned if their advisor is out of state as long as they can communicate via video chat.  So, it makes sense that many independent financial advisors are working from home since most of their work can be handled electronically.  

However, the need to provide a professional image is still important and should include a business address and a website.  Most advisors would rather have their mail and phone calls routed through a business location than to their home, and this is when a virtual office makes sense.  There are several different options to choose from:

Mail Drop Service: A small monthly fee includes a business address for your company’s marketing material and a dedicated mailbox for mail and package deliveries with most locations offering 24/7 building access to your mailbox, as well. Meetings can be held in the conference rooms for an hourly rate and your clients have no idea that you do not have a physical office in the building.  Most suites’ services include front desk staff to greet your clients prior to your meeting.

Telephone Answering Service:  Having an answering service also adds to the professional image and saves time.  Many clients prefer to talk to a human instead of a recording.  Having someone answer your calls allows your clients to leave messages in addition to being transferred to your cell or home telephone.  This personal touch in communication allows your company’s name to be reinforced in a professional manner and reassure the caller that they have reached the correct business.

office for financial servicesBusiness Identity Service:  This is the combination of the telephone and mail drop services.  This virtual service gives the complete image of an office without the cost of a physical space.  The monthly fee for the service is nominal compared to furnishing an office space with all the necessary equipment.  You still have access to conference rooms, front desk, notary, copy, administrative, and beverage services.  While some of these services also have nominal charges, the difference can be a substantial savings.  

Setting up a virtual office service is usually quick and easy! It’s the perfect solution for independent financial advisors and wealth management professionals.  

Consider a virtual office lease from a reputable company that offers a professional environment where you would be proud to meet your clients and includes many of the additional services you may need.  Summit Executive Suites offers our virtual clients all of these services and many more, all in a beautiful and professional environment you’ll love!  Come in for a tour and see the difference for yourself.

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