When A Virtual Office May Be A Better Option

When A Virtual Office May Be A Better Option

Why would anyone need a Virtual office?  After all, there’s no prestige in that, right? … OR IS THERE?

VirtualofficegirlMany corporate professionals are unsure about their choices when setting up their new offices after leaving large companies and venturing out on their own.  Entrepreneurs need a business address but not necessarily an office space.  So, how do you decide?

Who could use a Virtual Office?

Furnishing an office space can be incredibly expensive and a hassle if you’re a solo member of your company.  This situation applies to many different professionals such as:

  • Financial Advisors
  • Lawyers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Graphic Designers
  • Regional Satellite Companies (that need a presence in other areas)

Any of these scenarios could justify working from a home office, but the presence of a business identity and/or a telephone answering service adds a level of professionalism.  Having a Virtual Office is significantly less expensive with some of the same benefits of a full service office.

What are the benefits?

Gives your company a business identity – Not only do clients have a secure mailbox with an address separate from their home, but at Summit Executive Suites virtual clients also have the convenience and security of their mail being received by the front office staff daily that will notify them by email or text when they’ve received a package that’s too large for their mailbox.

Professional Answering Service – Virtual clients also have the option to have their calls answered and transferred to them which free them up from worrying about missed calls.

conference roomAvailable Professional Conference Rooms – Virtual clients can meet their clients in spacious conference rooms equipped with Wi-Fi, speaker phones and digital projection without the added expense of furniture or equipment. It is much more cost effective to pay for conference room time that is actually used.

At Summit Executive Suites virtual clients are only billed by the quarter of the hour instead of the full hour, again you only pay for what you use and scheduling is a phone call or email away!  Our virtual clients are treated with the same respect as our full service clients.

Guests do not know that our virtual clients do not have an office.  They’re offered a beverage, seated in the room and met promptly by the virtual client as though they’re just back from lunch.

cost-cuttingFront Desk Assistance – Most office suite companies offer front desk assistance for their virtual clients, but Summit Executive Suites takes that assistance a step further than most.  Our front desk service includes mail, telephone answering, beverage, postage, notary, shred and copy services.  They will go out of their way to provide personal assistance no matter how varied it might be.  Administrative help is available as well at a very nominal cost!

Minimal Overhead – The obvious reason to try a virtual lease arrangement is to avoid the large overhead costs; remodeling, furniture, office equipment, supplies, multi-year leases, and administrative cost can drain a start-up company before it even gets started!

Please come for a tour of Summit Executive Suites and see how easy it is to get your business started with our Virtual Client Program.  Please call us at (502) 893-4500 or email us at info@summitexecutivesuites.com.  We’ll be happy to show you how convenient, cost effective and hassle free setting up your virtual office can be! 

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