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Tis the Season to Be…, and Not to Be…

picture1We, in America, are so blessed with much to be grateful for and the Holidays are the perfect time to remind ourselves and the people in our lives, how much we appreciate them and the lives we’ve been given.  People joke about horrible family get-togethers or “gifts from hell”, but it’s time to remind ourselves what is good about the season too.

However you choose to celebrate the season, religiously or not, be grateful that you have that choice to express it in public without fear of retribution; many in other countries do not.  While you’re celebrating with your loved ones, remind yourselves that they are there to celebrate with, even if they may not be your favorite.  One day they won’t be.  So, here’s a few “Be’s” and “Not to Be’s”on how to make the holidays more tolerable.


  1. picture2There. Show up and smile a lot! And not any dead smile; it has to reach your eyes or it’s not sincere.  This goes for wherever you may be- home, parties, neighbors, on the street or working at a soup kitchen.
  2. Helpful. Ask if you can bring a dish, help watch the kids, set the table or help clean-up.  Then do it!  Any of these are worth much more than a gift.
  3. Thankful. No matter what gift you’re given, smile and thank the person that gave it to you.  Show them you appreciate the thought even if you think there was no thought behind it.  You will never know how much effort was really put into the gift and you have a choice to make their day or ruin it.
  4. Happy. If you are happy and laugh a lot, then everyone you come in contact will be too. It’s contagious that way.  Refer to #1-it has to reach your eyes and even if you don’t feel it at first, do it anyway.  You’ll catch the happiness contagion too.
  5. Grateful. Grateful for good health (or just alive), a place to sleep, something to eat, enough money to pay bills, friends (good & bad), family (good & bad), that loyal pet that is at the door when you come home, a week without a repair to do, a lawn to mow, no fender benders all year…you get the idea! We all have things to be grateful for, so focus on those no matter how trivial they might seem.

And Not to Be…

  1. picture3Stressed. Easier said than done, but if you keep your expectations down you won’t be as disappointed, and that equals less tension.  It’s more important to enjoy the people around you than worry about the perfect house, amazing food, whether you look fantastic….Take a deep breath and let it go!
  2. Mean. No road rage, no snarky comments to anyone you come in contact with.  Mean people suck, so don’t be one at least for the week from Christmas to New Year’s.
  3. A No-Show. Go to your family’s, friends and office party and really BE There, (see #1 under Be).  People go to a lot of bother and preparation for the holidays just to make it special for their guests.  Make sure to RSVP and then go! You’ll be glad you did.
  4. Alone. The holidays can be very difficult if you spend them alone.  So don’t!  It’s a great time to network with colleagues and clients too.  Don’t miss this opportunity just because you’re not in the holiday spirit.
  5. Selfish. The holidays are a great time to make amends, reconcile, and forgive.  Don’t waste another year on a worthless grudge.  Tell the ones you love that they matter.  You’ll be amazed by their reaction and that warm, fuzzy feeling you’ll have as well. It’s the best gift they will receive and one that will last much longer than anything in a wrapped package.

This little reminder is meant to be “tongue-in-cheek” about the negative attitudes around the holidays.  We at Summit Executive Suites hope that everyone has the merriest of seasons and that the New Year is equally as bright!

Happy Holidays!

Focus on Growth, We’ll Handle the Rest!