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Things To Do During Self-Quarantine

These are certainly unexpected and unprecedented times as we all come to terms with the COVID 19 outbreak and the changes that we are having to make in our daily lives. All of our government leaders are urging us to stay home as much as possible in order to “flatten the curve” and to get through this as quickly as possible. Here are a few ideas of ways to pass the time as you spend time at home.

Read! So many of us have a hard time finding time to read. Find an author that you have never read before and immerse yourself in a good book.stack of six books. The one on top is opened and the pages are folded into a heart shape.

Start writing a journal or blog. Ten years from now it would be great to look back on these strange times and read your own words as to how you dealt with it day to day.

Exercise. We need to keep ourselves physically and mentally well.

Man and woman running up stairs outside

Take long walks, jog, learn yoga, ride that bike that has been gathering dust in your garage.

Research something that you have always wanted to – Psychology, Astrology, your family tree, anything that interests you.

Inspire yourself with Ted-talk videos or find a new podcast to listen to.

A lot of us are cooking at home much more than usual. five tablespoons of multicolored spicesUse this time to google new recipes and try things you have never done before.

Call or Facetime members of your extended family that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Facetime is a wonderful way to keep in touch – almost face to face.

Use Zoom or Webex to conduct online meetings.

Once these bans are lifted and we get back to life as usual, please stop in and look at our beautiful offices at Summit Executive Suites. We see more than ever how important human contact is and we would love to have you become a new tenant in our Suites. We have a real sense of community here.

Focus on Growth, We’ll Handle the Rest!