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There’s Just Something about Flowers!


Every time I walk into an office where there’s a bouquet of flowers it changes my mood for the better. I would bet that if you think about it, you would agree. I’m not talking about silk arrangements, but fresh flowers. Beautiful arrangements from a florist are fine, but the best ones are from someone’s garden. The color, fragrance and freshness just liven up an office and cheer up all who enter. While this might sound like something only women would notice, men do as well. My own private research has shown that most men in our office will smell or touch the flowers on my desk every time they pass. So consider the benefits of having a small arrangement in your office when a client enters:

1. Change of Attitude- It’s a safe bet that if your client entered in a bad mood it will be elevated by the presence of flowers. It may not cure all the negativity, but it can certainly help! The sight of flowers releases endorphins. Endorphins make people happy, a benefit to both you and your clients!

lady smelling flower2. Beautiful Aroma- Not all flowers are aromatic, but the ones that are will work like a natural air freshener in your office getting rid of stale air.

3. Instant Conversation Starter- It’s difficult to ignore a beautiful arrangement of flowers even if you’re working with a cranky client. If they come from your home the client will know that you also have a green thumb.

4. Create a Space of Sharing-According to Dr. Haviland-Jones, PhD, Professor of Psychology at Rudgers University, “Flowers bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room. They make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere.” The study showed the positive impact on emotional health and was scientifically proven to improve cases of depression and anxiety. Giving flowers works even better, so remember to send your clients small arrangements as gifts. Your clients will be sure to remember you and your thoughtfulness.


At Summit Executive Suites we find that having fresh floral arrangements at the front desk creates more than just a cheerful workspace. They always brighten the clients’ and their guests’ moods. Having fresh flowers around the office creates a pleasant and joyful work environment. Come in for a tour and see how pleasant your work environment could be at Summit Executive Suites.

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