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Thankful at Summit Executive Suites

2020 has been a crazy and unpredictable year – to say the least! November brings us a time to focus on being thankful. We asked our clients who lease offices, as well as “virtual” clients (those who use our answering service and mailbox drop), what they are most thankful for at Summit Executive Suites.

  • Having 24/7 access to my office, even during a pandemic.
  • The sense of community and Food Truck Fridays during the summer.
  • The complimentary beverage service for me and my clients – especially the coffee that is ground-fresh daily.
  • Like-minded professionals we meet on a daily basis.
  • The receptionists/administrative assistants are so professional and eager to assist. This is a great service when I have a project and need a little extra help.
  • Being around people working hard to better themselves and others.
  • The pleasant décor of the office, all the amenities, and most of all. the receptionists. They make all of my clients feel welcome, important and safe.

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  • The opportunity to connect with other professionals through the office get-togethers, parties, celebrations and food trucks. This is helpful in breaking the monotony of life and working alone.
  • Well-appointed meeting rooms.
  • Having professional and friendly administrative assistants (receptionists) that I don’t have to hire, train or supervise. They make my clients feel welcome.
  • The park-like campus that is well maintained and the clean and well-kept public areas.
  • The beautiful lobby atrium – the fountain and plants make a great first impression on my clients.

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