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Techniques for Remembering Names

Few things are more embarrassing that forgetting a client’s name. Even if it’s a former client, it can cause a missed opportunity to make that personal connection. Many professionals will use a trick or two to help remember names. Here are a few to help you the next time this situation arises!


  • Truly ListenOne of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say. If you make a conscious effort to truly listen to the conversation when the other person is talking it is easier to remember details of that conversation, like their name. It also helps the other person feel like they have your complete attention instead of speaking up too soon.
  • Associate their name with someone you know– If their name reminds you of another person with the same name it will help you remember. Associating their name with an event will help as well.
  • Associate their name with a unique personal feature– This is where alliteration can come in handy; “Betty with the blonde hair” type of thing. Try to keep it a positive attribute, not a negative one. Remembering a negative feature can cause you to show it on your face the next time you see the person. If this is a client, they may notice your reaction and that’s never a good thing!
  • Ask them to spell their name out loud– this really helps if they have an unusual name or spelling, (i.e. f or a ph). Ask if this is a family name. It makes for a way to make the conversation a little more personal too.
  • Connect on social mediastreet signage says "Social Media" If you go to their social media pages it will help you connect with them. Seeing it, as well as hearing it, enhances your chances of remembering their name.
  • Repeat their name back to them– Do this both at the intro of a conversation and at the exit. It will reinforce your memory and show them that you are really taking an interest in them.
  • Just write it downwriting in a notebook. Always do this AFTER you are no longer with them. Don’t write it down in front of them. Writing it down is a great way to remember details like names but it’s tacky to do it in front of a client or someone you see on a regular basis.
  • Ask someone else– This is always a standby if you can’t remember a name and you have seen this person too many times to ask them again. If you’re with your spouse and not introducing them, it’s a sure bet that you’ve forgotten the person’s name. This is your spouse’s clue to introduce themselves and the person will say their name. Tricky!

Remembering names is a skill to build confidence and rapport with your acquaintances and clients. Many of these suggestions came from The Stephen & Kevin Show. Watch their very entertaining video. We at Summit Executive Suites are very conscious of all our clients’ names as well as their clients’ names. It’s that personal and professional touch that keeps our clients here for the long term. Come in for a tour you’ll see the Summit Executive Suites difference!

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