Q&A With Irene Walsh - Summit Executive Suites

Summit Executive Suites Q & A with Irene Walsh

summitpic1“Either you run the day or the day runs you” – Jim Rohn

Summit Executive Suites Administrative Assistant Irene Walsh is the perfect example of knowing how to run the day, for herself and their clients. Irene has been with Summit Executive Suites since June 2013 and recently explained to us what it is that she does and why she enjoys working at Summit Executive Suites.

1) How do you help clients?

As clients come into our office, I always greet them and ask who they are here to see. After letting our tenants know that their clients are here, I offer them a beverage of coffee, ice tea or a glass of water. If the clients should arrive early or our tenants are running behind I chat with them to make them feel comfortable until their appointment time. Since I have been here I have met such nice people. On their return visits, we pick up the conversation where we left off.

2) You offer customized telephone answering for each business, wow, how do you keep up with that?

Keeping up with the phone calls for each business has a lot to do with getting to know your clients. After that, you know what each expects and also you get to know some of their clients.

3) What do you consider to the most important skill of an administrative assistant?

I feel the most important skill for an administrative assistant is to help make everyone comfortable and follow up with their request in a timely manner. This goes for not only our tenants but also for their clients. I am the first person clients see when they come through our door; my job is to make them as welcome as possible. I have gotten to know all of our tenants and do enjoy working with all of them.

4) What are some common questions you get from current and potential clients?

Our current tenants have questions concerning scheduling the boardrooms, how to set up their phones or internet. Questions I hear most often are has the mail arrived or has UPS delivered today. These two forms of delivery are very important to their business.

Potential clients want to know about our setup, if offices are furnished, how to have their phones answered, if we offer voice mail, call forwarding and internet. They are always very impressed with our professional but friendly approach of showing them around our suites.

5) If you could summarize Summit Executive Suites in a single sentence, what would you say? 

Summit Executive Suites has a tranquil atmosphere and is a great place for our tenants to call home from 8:00-5:00.

It’s clear to see that Summit Executive Suites is the perfect place to work, as an employee or a client. To find out more about the unique office space that Summit Executive Suites has to offer, schedule a visit today or check them out on Facebook!