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Sleep Matters

Lately, many articles have popped up concerning the lack of sleep in this country and why it’s important.  To the working professional it can mean a great deal for quality performance on the job.  Function is dramatically altered due to lack of sleep.  The US guidelines recommend at least 7.5 hours a night for the average adult.  So what happens if a working professional consistently gets less than this over a prolonged period of time?


Poor Work PerformanceObviously, if you’re consistently tired at work your job will suffer.  Details will get missed; clients & bosses will notice sluggish behavior, or worse-falling asleep at your desk or in a meeting!  It also impairs the ability to think and process information.  Productivity is tantamount to good work performance and client satisfaction. For more info:


Illness- Consistent loss of sleep has been linked to numerous diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.  According to some surveys, only 65% of responders said that they slept more than 7.5 hours or more a night.  The most common reasons were:

  • – Too much caffeine or alcohol
  • – Shift work (night shift or changing shifts)
  • – Jet Lag
  • – Stress
  • – Not winding down before bedtime

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Travel & Occupational Injury- Professionals that do a lot of travel for work are primarily susceptible to the dangers of sleep loss.  Truck drivers and salespeople that drive or fly often for work complain that they’re not given enough time between trips to recuperate.


Diet and exercise are always reinforced as ways to stay healthy, but sleep is equally important.  At Summit Executive Suites we pride ourselves with having a professional, pleasant work environment that will help keep stress levels to a minimum for our clients as well as their guests.  Come in for a tour and see how we can help improve your work space.


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