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Saving Your Data…and Your Livelihood!

data backupIn this advanced technological age, where all files are scanned and uploaded digitally, think twice about getting rid of all hard-copy backups.  It is absolutely critical that you make sure there is a backup system to ensure you don’t lose any of your most important files. There are many devious malwares lurking out there, just waiting to take advantage of your system. Unfortunately, too many people learn the importance of backing-up files the hard way!  

Just keeping your antivirus programs up to date is not enough when clicking on one wrong email or website can mean disaster. Don’t be a victim!

If you are an independent small-business owner, with a single office and computer, you may think it’s unnecessary to have a backup system or to do routine manual backups. That could not be further from the truth! A short and timely routine now can save you from major headaches later.  

Here are four simple, inexpensive tips to keep your information safe:


  1. Keep all client folders and documents on a flash drive. Most flash drives (sometimes referred to as thumb, jump drives or memory sticks) are  both compact and relatively inexpensive. Some can hold up to 128GB at a cost of around $30. Additionally, flash drives have a simple USB port that will fit into most computers or tablets.This amount of storage is generally more than small offices need for irreplaceable files, but if you have a lot of files or sensitive material you might want to try our next option: cloud backup.
  2. Cloud backup is a convenient and sometimes free (up to a certain amount of space) storage option.  Often backup is automatic and all your files are recoverable in the event of a virus or computer crash.
  3. External hard drives are another option. If you worry about confidential information being in the “cloud,” you might want to try an external hard drive. They work the same as a flash drive and have a USB connector but can hold a lot more information. The cost is slightly more than a flash drive, with most running around $80. This option also relies on the user to perform the backup manually.
  4. The last option is an independent service provider for automatic daily backup and off-site storage. If you find you don’t want to be responsible for doing manual backups or are just not comfortable performing them regularly, you might want to look into a local service provider. If you have an office that has several employees and multiple computers, you might like the security and peace of mind that off-site storage and supervision provide. Services are available through Cloud or server storage and you will be paying for the monitoring this service provides. This is your most expensive option, but it’s also the most secure.

cloud backupAs a sole proprietor or a single business professional, keeping your information available and secure at an affordable cost is a concern in this rapidly changing technological environment.  Keeping up with the current trends in anti-viral, anti-malware, and backup storage options, while still running your business, is a constant challenge. Hopefully, some of these ideas will help you have some peace of mind.

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