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Resolutions for the New Year

stock-photo-68863781-new-business-yearWhen making resolutions for the New Year it might be prudent to think about your current work environment.  If you find that you haven’t made the advancements you hoped for, are unhappy at the company you’re working for, or are getting ready to retire and need a new challenge, then  it might be time to consider working for yourself.

 It can be a scary thought to make such a dramatic change, but it could be the best choice you will make for your life.  Here are some questions to ask yourself before making the choice to go out on your own:


  1. How will this change affect my income?  For how long?
  2. Where will I have my office: home, leased space, virtual office suite, full-service office suite, shared space with a co-worker?
  3. Will my clients be able to find me or want to travel to my new location?
  4. What costs will I incur if I start my own business?
  5. Is investing in a franchise a good idea for me? Read more.
  6. Will this change allow me a more flexible schedule or affect my lifestyle?

Other considerations that can make or break your successful transition are:

  1. Keep it simple.  If your company has a quality product or service and a clear mission it’s not necessary to get caught up in current trends.  
  2. Cut the Clutter.  Digitize paperwork and streamline everything to save time, expense and waste.
  3. Concentrate your energy on fewer things.  Know your target audience and how to reach them for maximum impact.
  4. Change-ClockGrow.  Network with others in your field; expand and meet new clients and colleagues.
  5. Enjoy.  None of your efforts are worth it if you’re not happy.

Starting a new transition in your life can be a very exciting prospect.  After careful consideration and doing your due diligence your life can change for the better!  We can help you grow your business by simplifying the location and setup processes.  Come in to the 
Summit Executive Suites and let us show you how to coordinate many of these challenges into one simple move.  


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