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Recycling Your Office Ware

kicking a printerYou’ve purchased a new printer or other office equipment, now what do you do with the old one? Most people throw it in the trash but that’s not very environmentally correct. Some will donate the old one to charity (if it’s still working), possibly for the tax write-off, and others will take it home and use it there.

Why Do We Pitch?

We’ve become such a “throw away” society, and technology has exploded so quickly that it has made many of our everyday office equipment obsolete within a year. In order to stay competitive, businesses must constantly upgrade their office ware with the latest, fastest, and most productive equipment. Even the companies that manufacture these products no longer service them after several years. Good luck finding a repair man that won’t charge more than the cost of a new one!

Where Can We Pitch

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 4.50.03 PMOne local company has come up with an ecological and financially sound way to recycle old office equipment, and they pick it up at your office as well! What could be more convenient than that?  The company is called Bluegrass E-cycle, located right here in Louisville, Kentucky. Their website shows what they will recycle and a simple email or phone call to them will schedule a pickup.

Their slogan is, “Repair, Reuse or Recycle” in that order.  If they can’t repair the item, they’ll scrap it for the precious metals or usable components for other machines that are repairable. All plastic and metal cases can be melted down for recycling. Very little is left for the landfill. For security, they degauss all computer hard drives on site before destroying them. They will even set up a fund-raising event for schools, non-profit organizations, or churches!  Bluegrass will supply all the waste boxes, pickup and then pay your organization based on weight and processing.

What’s Even More Helpful

summitHere at Summit Executive Suites, we often have our clients give us their old printers, fax machines, keyboards, etc. and we call Bluegrass E-Cycle for a pickup. It’s a convenience for our clients and it keeps the trash out of the landfill. That’s also the beauty of an office suite; businesses don’t have to invest in expensive phone and internet systems, commercial copiers, or even postage machines. All of these services are available within the suites. It is this kind of service and convenience that our clients really appreciate.

Focus on Growth, We’ll Handle the Rest!