Reasons to Make an Executive Suite a Long-Term Choice

Reasons to Make an Executive Suite a Long-Term Choice

“Where is your business office?” your new clients may ask.   If you say that you’re working from home the look on their faces may tell you that they may not be impressed.  It could even cost you the job.  If you’re a sole proprietor or a small business, you may not want an office space until you’ve built up your client base to justify the cost.  For that mind set many professionals think of an office suite as a temporary solution. 

Here are some excellent reasons to consider an executive suite as a long-term solution to your office needs:


A business identity is important to your company’s name recognition and its image.  This can be created through a virtual office as well if an office suite is out of your budget.  The perception of an established business is very important when potential clients are determining whether to trust your business with their account. 


Executive office suites allow for a variety of options that many businesses don’t consider for a long-term basis.  Consider this, your business has an established address and you like your location.  Your clientele and workload are growing and you need to expand.  Why not just expand where you are by leasing additional office suites? 

The upside is no downtime!  The new office is close to your current space and all the amenities are right there included in the lease!  With no change in venue, your clients won’t have trouble finding you and your letterhead will remain the same.  That’s quite a cost savings and a huge reduction of time and hassle.

Companies that need to expand into other markets will find executive suites to be a very flexible and quick way to set up their satellite office, especially if they only need one or two personnel to manage it.  The new office can be move-in ready in less than two weeks.

Cost Effective

Most executive suite leases include most set up costs.  An executive suite option is more cost Growing-money-2effective when considering all the individual costs in a standard office lease.  That’s why executive suites are a perfect long-term option for any small business.  Not only to expand a business, but also when closing one.  When the lease ends there’s no furniture to move, phone and data systems to shut down or try to sell, no administrative employees to let go, it’s just clean and easy…done.

Overall Sound Business Choice

Summit Executive Suites makes the transition to our executive suites as simple as possible for our clients.  We really do believe if you’re successful, we’re successful. We have clients that have been with us for over twenty years.  They believe that we’ve added to their success and are very glad they made this venue their long-term location.  Come in for a tour and we’ll show you how flexible and cost effective your new executive suite can be.  Focus on Growth, We’ll Handle the Rest!