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The Problem with Nickels and Dimes


You’re looking for your new office space and trying to stay within budget.  You’ve done your homework and are ready to commit to leasing what you believe is the perfect office space.  The space includes the furniture, phone, internet, fax line, copier and everything you need to open your new business with the least amount of upfront expenses.  But does it?

You’ve signed your lease and committed to an entire year; you’ve paid your first month’s rent, security deposit, setup fees and have moved into your new workspace.  It’s beautiful and the clients love it too.  Then you get your first bill…  Suddenly, your “all-inclusive” suite isn’t so “all-inclusive”!  The bill includes all these unexpected additions, with an extra fee for your internet, phone and even the kitchen use!

Know what is included. Many companies that offer office suites promote lease specials to lure clients in then add the discount back in with “extras”.  Clients become reluctant to even ask the front desk for anything for fear of getting charged with another fee.  This makes it very difficult to focus on your company and your clients. All leases are different. Understand what is included before you sign and get it in writing.

Know the additional costsCosts for additional services should be understandable before you use them, such as: administrative services, additional conference room time, fax usage, postage & shipping, long distance charges, office supplies and copy charges.  All of these services are needed in the daily routine of running your office and can really add up if the costs are not clearly known before use.  Also, make sure that these additional services are even available.

At Summit Executive Suites,  we offer all these additional services and many more at a nominal cost.  It’s our sincerest hope that we can provide each of our clients with whatever their needs may be as quickly, efficiently and as cost affectively as possible.  If we don’t have it we’ll make every effort to get it!  That’s the kind of service you can expect each day you walk into your office.

At Summit Executive Suites we mean it when we say “Focus on Growth, We’ll Handle the Rest”.   This is much more than a slogan for us.  It’s a commitment we make daily to every one of our clients.  Our clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their full-service suite includes the following:


East End business identity address

Plenty of free lighted parking

New stylish furniture

VoIP Phone service

Friendly and efficient front desk staff to greet your clients

Front desk answering service


Locked mailboxes

Free notary service

Free shred service

Free coffee service-regular, decaf and iced tea made daily

Free kitchen use-real dishes and utensils-no plastic ware

Wi-Fi conference rooms-6 hours monthly use included

Free driver connection setup from your computer to the copier

Free scanning from the copier to your email

Free nightly janitorial services


Nothing is more frustrating than being “nickeled and dimed” and knowing what is included before signing any lease is the best way to avoid the surprise of excess charges.  At Summit Executive Suites we pride ourselves in treating our clients with the utmost respect.  Charging our clients with unexpected additional fees is not the way we do business.  Come for a tour any week day from 8 am to 5 pm. You will feel the Summit Executive Suites’ difference the minute you walk through the door!  Focus on Growth, We’ll Handle the Rest!