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The Perfect Office Solution for Independent Lawyers

Ok, so you’ve just passed the bar or you’ve decide to go solo. Where do you set up your new shingle? Setting up a new office can be an expensive and messy hassle! Assuming that a home office is out of the question, finding space to lease and filling it with all the necessary office equipment takes time and money. An executive office suite or a virtual office may be a better solution.

Executive Office Suite

  1. An executive office suite is an ideal solution for lawyers because it provides a business identity address that creates the professional image and location that will instill client confidence in you and your services.
  2. New Ofc Photo 2-5-12 (1)Most executive office suites provide a comfortable, furnished office with phone & internet. Most will also include the use of a copier, conference rooms, and a kitchen/break room.
  3. Others may include a front office that can provide administrative services, postage, package handling, notary services, phone answering and the reception of your clients. With nominal charges for some of these additional services, it’s a huge cost & time savings and eliminates the need for additional staff.
  4. Leases are usually one year, so there’s no long term contract as there might be with leasing larger spaces. Setup time is much shorter from the initial meeting to having a functional office to begin working in.

If an executive office is not a good fit for you at this time, consider a virtual office. A virtual office doesn’t have a physical office, but provides a business identity address and a location to meet your clients. Here are the practical benefits of a virtual office:

Virtual Office

  1. virtualThere are several options to a virtual office:
    – A mail drop, which provides a physical mailing address and a mailbox.
    – A telephone answering service, which provides a business number that is routed
    through a front desk that will answer your phone calls.
    – Or a complete business identity that provides an address, mailbox and phone service.
  2. Other services offered but may come with an additional cost are: conference room rental, copier usage and administrative services. All of these provide a convenience and cost savings without additional equipment or staff.
  3. A reception office to greet your clients is a very valuable service. Your clients never have to know that you do not have a physical office in the space.
  4. What truly makes a virtual office a great option is that you have a professional location to meet your clients with the use of a large, conference room, complete with the equipment needed for a meeting:
    – Speaker phones for conference calls
    – Large television screens for presentations from your laptop
    – Wi-Fi availability

A virtual office is a great way to “get your feet wet” without the anxiety of leasing an office space you may not use enough to justify its expense. If you find that you like the environment it’s always easy to take the next step to a physical office suite. When making the decision of where to run your business, especially if you are working alone, the cost savings of a virtual office make it a “no brainer”!

At Summit Executive Suites, we offer these options along with a professional work environment you’ll be proud to have your clients come to. Not all executive suites are alike. Come in for a tour and we’ll be happy to show you how easily and quickly you can set up a new office.  We are sure you’ll be impressed with the Summit Executive Suites.

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