One Among Many - Summit Executive Suites

One Among Many

Summit Executive Suites (SES) is a unique community. Comprising 42 physical offices and an unlimited number of virtual offices, SES is the perfect fit for both types of tenants.

Coffee breaks in the kitchen have led to many professional friendships as well as new business contacts. Speaking of coffee breaks, you will find coffee (regular and decaf) made daily from freshly ground coffee beans as one of the many perks included in the monthly rent! Tea drinkers enjoy the electric teapot as well as iced tea stocked in the fridge. You’ll also occasionally find donuts and baked-goodies in the kitchen brought in by tenants to be shared with all.

Pot-luck meals, cooking competitions, and SES-sponsored luncheons provide an environment to engage in camaraderie and conversation in a more prolonged manner.  A wide variety of professionals: financial advisors, attorneys, accountants, brokers, and specialty-business owners (to name just a few) enjoy gathering around the large conference rooms tables to socialize and engage in lively conversation. 

The less socially-inclined person also finds the community at SES is a perfect fit for them. They enjoy the friendly office feeling while working on their own. Always invited to social activities, but never pressured, makes you feel welcome but not uncomfortable. 

Although the tenants of Summit Executive Suites are independent business persons, they are among many like-minded entrepreneurs. The friendly office atmosphere is enjoyed by both physical and virtual tenants.

Focus on Growth, We’ll Handle the Rest!

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