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Office Humor

It perks up the whole office when someone makes a joke or tells a funny story, so this blog is designed to give the reader some joy and a chuckle. The best medicine is humor! The following stories were found on social media, but almost everyone that works in an office will be able to relate and find the humor in them. Enjoy!

— I worked at a food magazine where we got a lot of random snack samples. One day I was walking down the hall with a big bag of chips, minding my own business, probably eating a handful, because free chips. My (male, older) boss walked past and said, “What, did someone break up with you?”

— I worked at a place where my boss was asked to make an announcement to all employees to make sure we knew that no one should ever flush magazines down the toilet. Because someone had tried to flush a magazine down the toilet.

— A couple of years ago I was a cashier at Forever 21. A woman who looked older than me placed a mountain heap of clothes on the counter — clothes that her mom was happily paying for. Mom was studying my every move, asking me to “please be more gentle.” At one point she asked me to put something in a garment bag. I paused and reminded her that she was at Forever 21 and we did not carry garment bags. She proceeded to try to explain to me what a garment bag was, until her daughter so graciously said, “Mom, give her a break, she only makes minimum wage.”
…which I didn’t, but thanks, maybe?

— I worked in content management for a now-defunct internet company and one day decided to take a liberally long lunch. When I returned my direct manager, a sweet but nervous type of fellow who often wore neckties with puppies and ducks on them, asked me to step out into the hallway where I assumed I was going to be reprimanded. Instead he basically asked me if I would go on a date with his adult son, whom I had never met or heard of. I lied and said I was dating someone but diplomatically asked about his son’s interests in case I thought of any single friends. He replied: “Games and gaming. Computer, board, video… all varieties. [Huge sigh] And he’s a theme park mascot. We really just want to get him to move out of our basement.” Great pitch, and also made me wonder how my manager perceived me. Basically, this was a Failure to Launch situation. Had I had my druthers, I would have figured out a way to charge for my services à la SJP.

We hope these stories made you smile. If you’re needing a new office space, come in for a tour. Summit Executive Suites will make you smile as well.

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