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The Need for Tolerance and Kindness

Imagine that you have a brand-new client coming to your office; it’s the first time you’ve met them. You rush up to their faces, begin screaming at them that they’ve entered your office without knocking, threaten them with legal action and possibly point a gun at them. Your face is red, you’re shaking and completely out of control. The clients back away, convinced that you’re insane and try to leave as quickly as possible. You follow them out and jump on the hood of their car. They become so flustered that they continue to drive while you’re hanging on for dear life. Sounds pretty ridiculous…or does it?

Obviously, no one would treat a client in such a disrespectful way, so why do so many otherwise intelligent professionals think it’s fine to treat a complete stranger this way? These situations are exacerbated by the fact that some of these people carry a concealed weapon along with a permit to carry. This scenario actually happened on an American highway just this month. How has self-control and simple kindness gotten so far out of everyday living?

We’ve all found ourselves angry with strangers over stupid reasons, but we rarely act on them. We would be enraged if someone acted this way with one of our loved ones. So, how do we put the kindness and tolerance back into everyday living? Here’s a few simple ideas:

  • While Driving 
    1. Remind yourself that the other driver is not aware that they have upset you; really, they’re not! Pull over to the side of the road if you need to calm down. Wait until the other driver is far enough away that you can’t follow them.
    2. Listen to your favorite song and remember that if this situation is as bad as your day gets, you’re lucky!
  • In the Office 
    1. Remind yourself that the other person has no idea that they’ve upset you. Really, they don’t!
    2. Write the anger all down on paper; keep writing until you get it all out. Then throw the paper in the shredder.
    3. Stay in your office until your calm and can state your complaint in a clear way. Do not do confront your boss!
  • At the Grocery 
    1. Remind yourself that the other customer is not aware that they’ve upset you, really they’re not! Get in another line.
    2. Buy some chocolate!
  • In the Neighborhood
    1. Remind yourself that your neighbor is not aware that they’ve upset you, really, they’re not! Go in and talk to your spouse until you’ve calmed down.
    2. Watch a funny show to get your chuckle back.
    3. Get a massage (or have your spouse give you one!)

Obviously, the main idea here is to see the humor in the situation and to remember your true nature. Any one of these people could be a client’s family member or worse, a future client. A past behavior could cost you a future connection. It’s never worth it, even for that momentary revenge.

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