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Making Your Office Halloween Party Fun and Appropriate

682px-Clark_Kent_cosplayerHalloween office parties can be great way to add humor and set a cooperative mood in the office, but too much of a good thing can wreck reputations – both personal and professional! Dressing in costume allows everyone to take on an alternate persona for the day.  Whichever costume you choose, be aware of how your co-workers might perceive it. Choosing the wrong costume could result in you losing some respect within your office, so choose carefully. Below are some tips for a fun, and appropriate halloween celebration at the office.

Setting the Mood: Decorations are fun and set a festive mood.  Make sure that they don’t hinder movement around the office or include themes that might offend your clients. Play it safe with traditional decorations. Avoid political or religious themed decorations. Keep it as neutral as possible.

8143120637_4f0a3c1820_bCostumes to Wear and to Avoid:  Clever costumes make everyone laugh and the true classic are remembered for YEARS!  Keep in mind that you’re still at work and you need to be able to comfortably work in whatever you’re wearing. Factor in temperature of the day, your daily activities and tasks, and make sure your costume won’t inhibit your day or frustrate you.  

Meeting with your clients needs to be taken into consideration as well, since the impression you make on this day might be the first (or last – hopefully not) chance you get to make a good one.  Make sure the costume can be removed or changed when necessary.  Stay away from messy or bloody makeup, too short, revealing or restrictive costumes, or dressing like a coworker. Also, as with decorations, try to avoid topics or themes that might offend, like religion, politics, etc.

Here are some fun and clever office-appropriate suggestions:

  • Tippi Hedren (from The Birds movie) – 60s suit, blonde wig, hat and crows pinned to it, hilarious!
  • 4020918693_e8d1c5934a_oCarmen Sandiego (from the computer game “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”) – red trench coat & hat, don’t forget the large sunglasses! 
  • Wednesday Addams (Addams Family) – black & white dress, black pigtails, black patent leather shoes, and don’t forget the headless doll. 
  • Orbit Girl (from the gum commercials) – white suit, blue scarf on neck, blonde hair and cardboard Orbit gum pack.  Don’t forget the toothy grin, fabulous!
  • Men in Black (Men in Black Movie) – simple black suit, white shirt, black tie, sunglasses and don’t forget a laser pointer for the memory eraser! 
  • Clark Kent – Superman t-shirt under your shirt, and glasses-easy! 
  • Waldo (Where’s Waldo?) – Red & white striped shirt & cap, black glasses and jeans.  Carry a “Where’s Waldo?” book with you for those who don’t know who’s Waldo!
  • 60’s theme – Flower Child, Disco King/Queen, War Protester, Nerd

3759845956_c377c91b50_bThese are just a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing!  There are many other costume ideas that can be found online.  The point is to get your coworkers and clients to smile and chat.  You never know where the next great idea may come from.  

At the Summit Executive Suites we encourage our clients to get to know each other in a fun and pleasant environment.  Halloween can provide an excellent opportunity for networking.  Visit us today and see how we can make a difference for your company.

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