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How to Do Lunch in the SES Area

Whether it’s dining in or having it catered, most businesses need to know where to find the best food near their offices.  The clients at Summit Executive Suites are no different.  They often need to have lunch catered in for an office meeting, or just have it delivered when leaving isn’t an option.  Without prior knowledge of food options in the area, it can be a hassle to find and get the delicious food speedily delivered.  Deliciousness and fast delivery are essentials to any business lunch! So, in the spirit of goodwill and feeding the hungry business professional, below is a list of the various tasty and dependable restaurants in the surrounding area that our clients frequent the most.

chopshop louisville ChopShop

Delivery Options:

Many of our clients have lunch brought in and these are their favorites:

  1. Panera Bread: 1801 Rudy Lane, (502) 710-0297. They will deliver any order over $5, but they do charge a delivery fee.  Order online.
  2. Jimmy John’s: 4000 Shelbyville Road, (502) 894-3331.  As advertised they’re “freaky fast”.  Their delivery is free.  Order online.
  3. The Chop Shop: 126 Breckinridge Lane, Suite D, (502) 384-4252.  They have a minimum delivery order of $20.  Order online.
  4. Papa John’s Pizza: 4123 Shelbyville Road, (502) 896-9999.  Order online.
  5. GrubHub: While I haven’t tried this service personally, the website says that there are 49 restaurants in this address area that will take the order on-line and GrubHub will deliver it.  This is pretty convenient if you want more variety in your options.  Order online.


Cozy & Quick Sit Down Options:

  1. cafe lou lou Cafe Lou Lou

    Shady Lane Café: 4806 Brownsboro Road, (502) 893-5118.  Located in the Brownsboro Shopping Center, the Smith’s cook up fresh, homemade recipes daily.

  2. Panera Bread: 1801 Rudy Lane (502) 710-0297 is right across the street from the Shady Lane Café and is also a great lunch spot with a variety of menu items and outdoor seating.
  3. McAlister’s Deli: 2400 Lime Kiln Lane #100, (502) 339-8544.  This casual chain is known for their great sandwiches and sweet tea.
  4. Dickey’s Barbeque Pit: 285 N. Hubbards Lane, (502) 650-9065.  This barbecue restaurant is located in the Woodlawn Shopping Center and is not the only barbeque in the area, but definitely one of the best.
  5. Cafe’ Lou Lou: 106 Sears Ave., (502) 893-7776.  This classy little bistro features Cajun and Italian cuisine.  The best shrimp & grits ever!!


Upscale Options:

  1. mesh louisville Mesh

    Anoosh Bistro: 4864 Brownsboro Road, (502) 690-6585.  For the perfect place to impress your clients, this intimate bistro is a little more high-end and is open for lunch and dinner.

  2. Majid’s: 3930 Chenoweth Sq., ((502) 618-2222.  Another great choice for elegant client entertaining, but they’re only open for dinner.
  3. Mesh: 3608 Brownsboro Road, (502) 632-4421.  Casual elegance with an innovative menu.  Open for lunch and dinner.

While this is hardly all of the restaurants in the area, it’s a sampling of variety, convenience and taste.  We hope you find something to your liking and get the opportunity to try something new.

This is just another way Summit Executive Suites tries to provide convenience and added-value to our clients.  We know they appreciate the difference, we think you will too. Come in for a tour and see the difference for yourself.

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