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Louisville Rising: 3 Reasons Why You Need an Office in the Derby City

Louisville Rising


Louisville, Kentucky is a city on an upward trend.  Louisville is not only a great place to live, but a great place to work in as well.  In 2014 alone, Louisville made 11 top ranked cities lists.  Some of those lists include: 8th in America’s Most Affordable Cities, 5th in Top 10 New Brainpower Cities, top 20 in Markets with Economic Momentum, 8th for Most Affordable Cities for Living on a Budget, top 25 in Most Romantic Citiesin America, and several more.  Whether you are looking for an affordable city to live or work in, a city that is expanding economically, or maybe even looking for love, Louisville has what you are searching for.

Location is Everything

Selecting the right location for your office can be a challenging and overwhelming task.  With the many variables of office location (proximity, culture, and opportunity, etc.), location has never been so crucial to growing your business.  And in today’s information age, never settle for “good enough.”  Doing your homework and being informed of all the possible choices is beneficial to both your brand and your bottom line when looking for an office location.  With that in mind, let’s discuss why Louisville is the perfect home for your new office.


One of the best things about Louisville is its centralized location.  Louisville is geographically close to other vibrant business cities such as Indianapolis, Nashville, St. Louis and Cincinnati, all of which are approximately 250 miles or less away.  This places Louisville right in the heart of a strong business-oriented region.  If you travel frequently or work with clients who do, as well, Louisville’s centralized and convenient location makes it the perfect Midwestern/Southern destination for an office or meeting location.


Louisville is truly a unique location to have an office.  Influences from both Midwestern and Southern culture and a population of 1.3 million people contribute to the diverse mix of people and places in the city.  With a multitude of attractions throughout the city, as well as, an abundance of dining options, Louisville is not just the perfect city for lunch meetings and off-site business occasions but living and working in the Louisville metro area, as well.


Thomas Edison once said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”  Being a part of a hardworking, growing, and thriving economy can be beneficial for anyone.  The city of Louisville was recently voted by Forbes Magazine as the 35th best city in the United States for business and careers.  It also ranked 84th in job growth and 30th in cost of doing business.  Louisville is a wonderful place for businesses of all sizes and its relatively low cost make it that much more attractive of a destination.  The exciting part is that Louisville is continuing to grow and the economy will flourish even more so in the future

How Summit Executive Suites Can Help

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Summit Executive Suites in Louisville, Kentucky is the answer to all of your office needs.  Whether you’re looking for a full service office or a virtual office, Summit Executive Suites has what you need by  offerings reception services, furnished offices, telephone service, internet access, 24/7 building access, conference rooms and much more.  Let the professional team at the Summit Executive Suites help set up your new office today.  Located in the east end at 4350 Brownsboro Road, Suite 110, call the Summit Executive Suites at (502) 785-3798 or schedule a visit to tour the facilities.