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Invest in Less

Changing Office Needs of the Future

old_fax_machineRemember the days when you used a typewriter instead of a computer, printing checks was done manually or hand written one at a time and your phone was attached to a cord? 

The internet has drastically changed the way business is conducted.  Brick and mortar buildings are not necessary for many companies to reach their clients.  Ever changing technologies allow business to be conducted through our cell phones, email and websites.  While these new technologies require new equipment much of the older standards are no longer needed.  The face of business is ever changing and how and where you meet your clientele has changed too. 


Typewriters, calculators, postage machines, large copiers, complicated phone systems and huge printers are things of the past.  Cellular and internet technology has made it possible to do most of these functions through your cell phone or tablet.  Wi-Fi makes it possible to print to another location.  Even printing documents has been significantly reduced by email and scanning. This article adds humor to some of these changes.   


The need for personnel has shrunk as well with the innovation of websites and on-line shopping.  Many companies outsource their inventory and shipping productions to other companies reducing payroll costs.  Globally, this originally seemed like a cost-effective idea, but many companies have pulled their operations home due to quality control issues.  Smaller, startup and large businesses have discovered that they can work with fewer or no employees thanks to these innovations

furnished officeOffice Space

Here’s where it really is possible to do more with less.  Home offices or traveling office spaces work well for the small business professionals that need to go where their clients are.  Even larger companies see the value in smaller suites in several locations instead of one large single operation.  Having an office with the most up-to-date technology and services allows your company to focus on the growth of your business, not be bogged down updating equipment and daily services.  Summit Executive Suites frees you from these tasks and allows you time to focus on your clients and your company’s growth.  Our clients love being able to just walk in and start working!  Come in for a tour and see why we say,

Focus on Growth, We’ll Handle the Rest!