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“Happy” New Year?

2020 – the weirdest year in recent history is, thankfully, in the rear-view mirror! Who could have imagined COVID-19 and all its implications, record-breaking hurricanes, the political and racial turmoil that deeply divided our country, and the toilet-paper shortage? Happiness was elusive for many especially as we social-distanced, wore masks, and declined family gatherings in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

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As we step into 2021, there is a glimmer of hope for happier times. The vaccine for COVID-19 was rolled out in December, the Presidential election is behind us (mostly) and the belief is that pandemics tend to dissipate in roughly 18 months. Recent reports suggest the first cases were in December of 2019 so, hopefully, the summer of 2021 will bring the much-needed relief from the daily numbers of cases and deaths that boggled the mind and created so much sadness and fear.

Yes, 2021 can be a happier new year! In spite of what is happening, we can choose to find happiness and joy within us and around us. Taking time to be thankful for the little things most of us enjoy can shift our perspective to a more positive and happier attitude.

  1. Do you enjoy the beauty of nature? Be thankful for eyes to see.
  2. Did you enjoy the variety of scents of the holidays such as evergreen trees and hot chocolate? Be thankful for the sense of smell.
  3. Did you enjoy listening to your favorite holiday music or perhaps, the sound of laughter in spite of the current circumstances? Be thankful for ears to hear.
  4. Are you enjoying that last little bit of holiday goodies – the cookies, candy and other delectable delights? Be thankful for the sense of taste.
  5. Do you have friends and family who care for you and for whom you care?

It is within our power to have happiness and joy when we choose to focus on the small, daily moments rather than the sometimes-overwhelming events we as a nation are facing. Mental health experts agree that limiting social media and the 24-hour news cycle help lessen negative influences that infiltrate our minds and emotions.

At Summit Executive Suites, we make it easy to focus on the small things. A beautiful atrium lobby, original art by local artists, friendly and helpful receptionists, and beautifully-appointed meeting rooms are just a few of the things you’ll find to be thankful for when you decide to lease an office with us.

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