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Handy Technology on the Go

Many of our SES clients travel extensively for their work.  Trying to pack light and have the appropriate gadgetry to make their work easier is their ultimate goal.  Here is a short list of some of their favorites and how they work:

brookstone hdmi pocket projectorBrookstone HDMI Pocket Projector

Many of our salespeople have to make presentations out of town without the knowledge of whether the location will have the necessary AV equipment needed.  So, instead of making an incorrect assumption, they carry their own projector.  This one is small enough to fit in a briefcase and has great clarity. It easily plugs into a laptop of tablet.   It’s also a great buy at $299.99

Power Banks

These handy devices allow you to recharge your mobile or a tablet when no outlet is available.  If you’ve ever been stuck in an powerbankairport on a layover and struggled to find an available outlet when your phone is about to die, you need one of these!  They are a little larger than a jump drive and can fit in your purse or pocket.  Charge it before your trip and you’re good to go for the remainder.  One with at least 16000 mAh of battery juice can power your smart phone 5 to 6 times without a recharge.  Cost: $19.99 up 

Logitech USB Headset H570e

logitech headsetThis headset is not only compatible with most unified communication (UC) platforms, but it is also great for blocking out surrounding noise.  This comes in very handy when, again, you’re in an airport and trying to have a conference call!  It has a durable and adjustable padded headband for all-day comfort.  Inline controls include up/down volume, microphone mute and call answer/end designed to be intuitively navigated by touch.    Cost: $49.99

Verizon Jetpack MiFi 6620L Hotspot

Verizon Mifi 6620LAs with any hotspot you may have to sign up for a contract to go with it, but our travelers wouldn’t be without one!  Too often dead zones can drop your data connection and this can be a lifeline!  Verizon’s is listed as one of the best because of its 20 hour battery life, compact size and reliable network. 

Cost: $49.99 with a two year contract or $199 with month to month.          

Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550

Logitech N500Laptop speakers are terrible at best, but this laptop desk allows the user to comfortably balance a laptop, book or tablet on their lap with extra speakers via USB.  No batteries, power cords or software to install.   Cost: $34.99

This is just a few of Summit Executive Suites clients’ favorite travel gadgets and we thought these suggestions might help other travel-weary business professionals.  We have other suggestions that might help with your office needs as well.  Come in and take a tour! 

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