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Fun Supplies and Gadgets for the Office

Sometimes the office area can get stale and tired. It’s helpful to update your work environment every once and a while just to keep it inspiring and fresh. A pop of color or a splash of humor can be uplifting to all who walk into your space. While it’s important to keep your work environment professional, here are some clever and humorous gadgets to add to your office space from a blog by

A mini USB vacuum

Even activities like vacuuming get more fun on a miniature scale. A mini USB vacuum isn’t just fun, it can also suck up all those crumbs you’ve been pretending to ignore. Bonus points if the vacuum actually looks like the real thing.

Pens That No One Will Want to Borrow

Don’t you love when you let your coworkers borrow your pens only to realize that you have none left? With these pens you’re guaranteed not to lose them! These pens by Vat19 promote some hilariously named businesses:

An extra hand

Featured on this blogger’s favorite things list, sometimes you just need an extra hand on your desk to help hold your other supplies on your desk:

A posture monitor

Our friends over at Lumo created a device called Lumo Lift.

You simply place a small sensor on your shirt that gently vibrates when you begin to slouch in your chair. They also have an app that tracks your posture, steps taken, and distance traveled over the course of a day. Great idea!


This is less of an office supply and more of a necessity for a cool office.

Check out this list of office plant benefits on the CIPHR blog (Hint: it includes reduced stress, greater productivity, and even softened ambient noise).

Most of these items are available through the highlighted links and through on-line websites. These are just a few ideas. There are many more, but we’re hoping this article got you thinking about your office space.

If you’re thinking of a more permanent change come tour Summit Executive Suites . We think you’ll love what you see in a beautiful, professional office environment with a modern, fresh look!


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