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Food Truck Fun at the Workplace

During busy work days, the last thing on your mind is taking an hour lunch to drive around and decide what you want to eat. Delivery can be an option for some places in the area but a changeup in the flavor category could bring some fun to your taste buds, especially if you’re looking for something local and gourmet, yet eccentric with condensed menu options. Many work areas are trying local food trucks, especially in the downtown area of many major cities.  Most all are insured and must carry an inspection rating.

It could be a great time to take only a few minutes to step away from the office, get some fresh air, chat with other businesses in the building and try some tasty local food! Some of the delicious food trucks that Summit Executive Suites have on our line up are listed below:

Local and fresh Italian cuisines with pastas, sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts. These comfort food options were a true hit to kick off the start of our bi-weekly food truck visits.


Gourmet burgers and fries…how could you go wrong? With a menu that’s 90% homemade, and their hot items made to order, this truck is an all American classic.


Asian fusion street food with tacos, rice, noodles, Asian snacks and more! If you love flavor filled street food, this will be a definite hit for you.


Dishes with fried chicken, period! Chicken and waffles, chicken po’ boy, chicken cordon bleu, friend chicken gyro, and the list goes on. For all the friend chicken lovers, this truck is just for you.


“If you smoke it, they will come,” is their motto, and when it comes to BBQ and smoked meats they know ends, outs, and everything in between.



Check your local Food Truck Association to find names and information on the local food trucks in your area.  Food trucks are one of the many ways that we like to change things up here at Summit Executive Suites.  It’s a new and fun way for our clients to “take a break.” If you’re interested in more of the amazing amenities we offer, stop by to take a tour of our offices.  We offer lots of natural lighting, wonderful views of our outside greenery and on some Thursdays this summer, you may even grab some lunch from one of the food trucks! Give us a call to schedule a tour at 502-893-4500.

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