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Fall Celebrations and Events for the Workplace

As we say farewell to the summer months filled with warm weather, outside events, vacations, back-to-back holidays, and an overall more laid-back time of the year, the fall brings on cooler weather, shorter days, and more time spent inside the office. To keep morale up and get everyone back into their groove, workplace celebrations and events are always a huge hit!

Workplace celebrations and events allow a small break in the day by changing up the monotony and having some work place fun. Just a brief 30 minutes added to lunch or an extra 15 minutes of break time can give you that extra boost needed to get the rest of the day completed with ease. Listed are some great ideas to help:

  • Chili Cook-off Contest — With so many variations of flavoring and heat levels, allowing the office to show off their best version will give them worthy bragging rights.
  • Costume Contest — This is one of the top office activities because adults can be super creative, but remember to keep it professional!
  • Pot Luck — Food is almost a guarantee to bring people together in a joyful way.
  • Pumpkin Decorating Contest — A fun way to take everyone back to their childhood.  fall feast
  • Themed Desk Decor Contest — Decorating contests really bring out the competitive side.
  • Fundraising for a Charity —  Fundraising and donations that are collected for charities can get everyone in the office involved in some way, which makes this a great workplace event.
  • Recognition of Veterans — A perfect way to celebrate Veterans Day and thank our soldiers.
  • Office Trick-or-Treating — Going door to door for candy and goodies doesn’t only excite kids; it excites adults too!
  • Outside Kick-Off Meetings — Change up the atmosphere and get some fresh air while the weather is still nice out.
  • Spirit Week — Show off your favorite sports team each day by wearing your favorite colors. 

Celebrations at work are not only fun they promote employee engagement, allow clients to mix and mingle with others from different departments or businesses that they may not connect with daily and creating a fun, yet productive work environment, which is a win-win!

At Summit Executive Suites, we encourage our clients to get to know each other with celebrations and events at the office that can provide great networking for everyone. Visit us today and see how we can make a difference for your company.

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