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The 4C’s When Selecting an Executive Suite Office

IMG_9936If you’re in the market for executive office space, do you know the best way to determine the right Executive Suite for you? There are many considerations for each person based on personal preference, however, we would like to share our own spin on the 4 C’s used to determine the value and quality of diamonds. Here’s what we mean and how they apply to selecting your ideal Executive Suite.


Think about the qualities you desire when looking for an office. For example, when you step into your office do you want to be productive, inspired, energized or need a retreat of calm? Whatever quality is most important to you in a work environment can become the starting point for your search. In addition to the inside environment, consider the outside environment like the location and access to highways or interstates, business districts or close to home. Each may have an impact on your final selection. The abundance of free, well-lit parking, the security of monitoring cameras inside and outside and 24/7 building access are other points to consider, as well.


Setting up a new office can take considerable time and financial resources. The advantage of an Executive Suite office is the ease of set-up where you could be ready for business in days. They also usually include a shorter lease term and reduced upfront and ongoing financial commitments, as compared to a traditional office.

Whether you are a start-up company, making the leap from a home office or an established company, selecting the right Executive Suite office can become the perfect complement to your business.


Not all Executive Suites are created equal and you will need to make a determination about the value and quality of the services provided. Know what costs are included in the monthly rent and what extra costs could be incurred that may just become a surprise addition to your budget. Ask what additional services are provided and will those services help you in your day-to-day business or allow you access to a service that would become an additional expense if you independently contracted with a third party such as shredding and postage services.

Customer Service

The quality of the on-site support team can act as an extension of your company by providing not only customer service to you but to your clients, as well. From greeting your clients who visit or needing extra help with a big project, these services can save you time and money, while adding a professional impression to your office.

At Summit Executive Suites, we work hard to customize the 4 C’s for all our clients using a variety of options. If you’d like to know how we can help you find your ideal Executive Suite, give us a call at (502) 785-3798.