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10 Fun, New Thanksgiving Traditions

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, we thought we would research some Thanksgiving traditions to share. Many families have their own traditions but reviewed reader comments over the years and pulled out 10 Thanksgiving traditions worth sharing. thanksgiving dinner

1. Start the day with an indulgent, relaxing breakfast.

While many people believe in skipping breakfast and saving room for the big meal, we love the idea of starting the day in a festive, delicious way – maybe enjoy a light fruit plate, a breakfast casserole or even a decadent waffle!

2. Take time for yourself before time with family.

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time with family and friends, but it can be a really exhausting day. It is a good idea to start the day with a little quiet time for yourself. This will help you to enjoy and make the most out of your time with family and friends.

3. Remember loved ones who have passed.

The holidays can be such a big reminder of those family and friends that have passed away. It is also a good time to share fond memories as a way to honor those you are missing.

4. Write your thanks on a butcher paper tablecloth. 

Many families have the practice of sharing things you are thankful for before dinner. A great idea is to cover your Thanksgiving table with butcher paper. Take time to write the things that you are thankful for on the tablecloth. Then once dinner is over you can tear off any particular comments that are special to you and take them home as a keepsake.

5. Let everyone toast!

Everyone loves that clink of glasses as you toast to all of the things you are thankful for. Let everyone have a chance to raise their glass and show their gratitude.

6. Have the kids serve dessert.

We know how much children want to feel helpful – let them get in on the action too! Put them in charge of serving dessert and maybe even the coffee after the meal. pies

7. Have Thanksgiving dinner for dinner.

Here is a crazy idea – have Thanksgiving dinner for dinner! Many people eat Thanksgiving in the early afternoon which makes for a very busy morning trying to prepare. Waiting until dinner time makes your day a little less hectic and hopefully more enjoyable.

8. Take a long walk together after dinner.

After a wonderful meal, why not take a nice family walk together? Hopefully you will have wonderful fall weather and fall colors to enjoy. This allows your food to settle and gets you ready to fully appreciate all of the wonderful desserts. fall trail

9. If it’s just two of you, really treat yourself.

It is hard to justify making a huge Thanksgiving meal when it’s just two people. Take this opportunity to do something different. Embrace a new tradition such as dinner at a restaurant or maybe really step out of the box and take a cruise and let them pamper you!

10. Stay connected with family members far away.

If family or friends have to be away during the Thanksgiving holiday, you can still be together – just virtually! You can video or FaceTime with your family members. This would be especially nice during the giving thanks part of the meal.


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